“When an inner situation is not made conscious it appears outside as fate.”

Carl Gustav Jung (1875 –1961)

My Focus

I can support you in finding your “authentic happiness” at work and beyond. This does not mean that you must force yourself to “feel positive” or need to exclude anything from your current experiences. Rather, I can help you connect with your desire for a meaningful life and for supportive, positive relationships. I am here to help as you take the necessary steps and make the essential adjustments.


You can introduce diverse topics and goals from the world of work, from your private life – or indeed from the interface between those two:

  • Changes in your life situation;
  • Your role as an individual in the team, organization, family or social life: barriers and opportunities;
  • Development and realization of a fitting leadership role;
  • Individual career planning;
  • Coping with stress;
  • Successful exit strategies or job breaks;
  • Creativity and life goals;
  • Balance between different roles in life.


Brief solution-focused coaching, using specific relevant methods: sociometry, psychodramatic constellation work, role development theory, or systemic couple and family counselling.


One-to-one coaching consists of at least one clearly structured, solution-focused session. Usually, 3–4 coaching sessions, with an interval of a few weeks between each session, are productive, but the actual length of the process depends on the client’s needs and goals.  Each session lasts 60 minutes.




“Orsolya – with her empathy and her visual solutions – helped me to reach new realizations, which brought a breakthrough for me. I saw that ‘flowers grow in the swamp and in the cracks of rocks’ – I have many more possibilities than I thought before the session.”

Beáta Oborny (Biologist Researcher and University Lecturer at ELTE, Budapest)

“What do I notice following a brief coaching session with Dr Orsolya Lelkes?

My concerns have started to shift – not in the sense of setting intentions or writing lists of pros and cons, but in the sense of a desire which became clearer, a greater joy and very specific pragmatic steps in everyday life. My earlier ‘I should’ or ‘I must’ has turned into a clear ‘I want’. In my joint work with Orsolya Lelkes I have appreciated her conversation skills – a good blend of expert skills, presence, clear structure and infectious enthusiasm.”

Christine Findeis-Dorn (Coach and Supervisor, Wiesbaden)